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HPC Cloud, POD, Accelerates Global Engineering Firm's Time to Results

Global design engineering firm, Arup’s time to market is directly impacted by the amount of available compute resources for each simulation. Building out on-premise infrastructure to meet peak demand is not economically efficient so Arup solved this problem using Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD) and Penguin’s unique remote visualization system, Scyld Cloud Workstation (SCW), to view and interact with models remotely.
  • Pay for only what you use — no rounding on resource usage 
  • Access to remote visualization desktops (Scyld Cloud Workstation) 
  • Multiple ways to access POD: CLI, Web, API, and 3D accelerated remote workstations
  • New Lustre® filesystem option

“We have been able to turn around 50,000 core hour jobs overnight, which is unprecedented for our industry. 

--Kermin Chok, Associate, Structures Group, Arup

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