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Deploy AI Models Across Your Environment

See how our cloud portability platform enables end-to-end AI operations

Need to scale up your machine learning models? 

As Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) become more complex and efficient, many developers are looking at the next piece to the AI puzzle, deploying these programs across their enviornment. Introducing mobility across devices can introduce a new level of self-improving artificial intelligence.

Read this white paper to see how the Penguin Computing Cloud Orchestrator uses Red Hat Openshift to move DNNs from the data center to the edge and back, while maintaining the high-performance expected from a premiere deep learning platform. In this paper, we cover key aspects of a workload portability solutions for artificial intelligence.


Download the white paper to learn more. If you’d like a deeper look into Cloud Orchestrator or any of our other solutions, contact a Penguin Computing sales representative at 1-888-PENGUIN, or by email at sales@penguincomputing.com.


Rapid Deployment of DNNs

Red Hat OpenShift containers that let you train and optimize DNNs anywhere in your environment

High-Performance GPU-Acceleration 

A cloud-based solution that performs at or above industry standards on MLPerf Training V.0.6

High-Efficiency OCP Form Factor

The benefits of OCP infrastructure, without sacrificing performance