Workload Portability

Explore strategies for migrating workloads cross diverse computing platforms. From resolving local resource shortfalls to enabling collaborative workflows, the goal is simple: to run workloads anywhere. Recent developments in container and remote visualization technologies have greatly eased the challenges of delivering workload portability.

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White paper topics include:

Containers for HPC

Singularity is a container framework for HPC Linux that gives the user full control of the environment. It can encapsulate entire scientific workflows, including software, dependencies, and even data.

HPC Cluster Management

A complete HPC management solution, Penguin Computing® Scyld ClusterWare® enables super-fast cluster provisioning and provides easy-to-use management tools.

HPC Cloud

Penguin Computing On-DemandTM (PODTM) is a high-performance, bare-metal HPC cloud service enabling use of computing resources without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure.

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