Discover How Scyld Cloud Central Enables
Quick HPC/AI Deployment & Scalability


Broad Application Support

Scyld Cloud Central lets users run various modeling, simulation, and data analysis apps seamlessly. It integrates and automates applications compatible with traditional HPC/AI setups. From public clouds to in-house clusters, it caters to your dynamic needs and provides full support for environments that include the latest CPU, GPU, FPGA, and network fabric components.


Simplified Cluster Management

Scyld Cloud Central empowers users and scientists to run workflows across numerous cores with a user-friendly interface. Prevent errors with input file validation, while maintaining control over resource settings and cluster configurations. Users can also choose instance types, manage worker pools, and automate pool activation and deactivation.


Easy Deployment on Major Cloud Platforms

Scyld Cloud Central delivers vital cloud-based HPC and AI solutions. In partnership with Penguin Computing's expert services, it empowers you to swiftly allocate resources via an infrastructure-as-code model. This fosters innovation among users, data scientists, and administrators in your organization. It is also validated with GCP, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Penguin POD.

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